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About Us


Marianne Ricci
President & Producer
Beka Ricci
Producer & Web Designer



Marianne and her daughter, Beka, began scouting, recruiting, and developing talent to launch within the music industry in 2004.  Having a desire to truly help people break into the business and broaden their talents and opportunities, they started faith2REALITY in 2005 and expanded their efforts to include actors, models and dancers. 

A successful entrepreneur whose career has extended over 20 years, Marianne’s background includes entertainment, marketing, management, and production. Having been a local actress and spokesmodel for over six years, she has appeared on television, in film, commercials, and in print; and has promoted many products at various venues and has managed teams of promotional talent across the country.

After selling the talent division of the company to Hutson Talent Agency in 2007, the concentration is now on video production and production-related services; hosting, interviewing, and event promotion.

She has established a reputation for hard work, integrity, and commitment in her career as a producer, from the initial stages of researching and organizing the production to writing, promoting/distributing, interviewing, and editing. She was also an instructor for the Barbizon Modeling & Acting Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Marianne was a member of Women in Film and Video (DC) and the Virginia Production Alliance.

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Beka was the instigator for faith2REALITY. She has always loved music. She was given the unique opportunity to work with a music industry professional who was looking for teen talent to launch into the music industry. 

Tirelessly scouting, recruiting, and developing various aspiring singers/bands for two years, she finally found someone that she believed had the potential to become the next mega pop star. Marianne had been involved in other aspects of the industry, and both of them wished to expand their goals into a full-time career. Thus, faith2REALITY was born. 

Because of Beka’s work with faith2REALITY in booking talent, she was chosen to complete an internship for Carlyn Davis Casting and had the privilege to work for them until the end of 2007.  She had the opportunity to assist with the casting of several union and non-union projects.

Always having a passion for the entertainment industry, Beka has developed valuable skills over the years through classes in fine arts, video & radio production, and web site development.  In addition, she is a published poet.  She enjoys script writing and has written, produced, directed and edited several short films.

She hosted f2R Variety on WEBR Radio, which she co-produced with Marianne.  As a result, she was able to interview many diverse guests.

She was a member of Women in Film and Video (DC).

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